New Norcia Benedictine Community


New Norcia is known for its monastery and unique heritage, but it is the Archives which lie closer to its historical significance.

The Archives of the New Norcia Benedictine Community began even before the monks arrived at New Norcia, it began when Bishop Brady gave the monks permission to come to Western Australia. Rosendo Salvado, his Prior Bernardo Martinez, and Procurators over time – Venancio Garrido, Santos Salvado, Fulgentius Dominguez – were excellent records managers and their collections now form the nucleus of the Archives.

Researchers at every level will find something of interest in the New Norcia Archives. There are voluminous collections of correspondence, farm management records, parish and mission registers, college and orphanage administration records, maps and photographs. Of particular value are the records of the Nyoongar people.

In 1991, the Community established an Archives, Research and Publications Committee which prepares and oversees the programmes of work for the Archives.

The Committee is chaired by Abbot John Herbert. Its present members are Fr David Barry; Katharine Massam, Professor of Church History at the Uniting Church Theological College, Melbourne; Ms Geraldine Byrne, Historian and Mr Peter Hocking, Archivist for New Norcia and Secretary for the ARP Committee.

If you require access to the Archival records of New Norcia please complete the relevant form and return to the Archivist

For further information please see the Archives Research Fees and Archives Access Policy

New Norcia Studies Day & Journals

Each year the New Norcia Studies Day focuses on a particular area of the Archives.  Held in June of each year, selected presenters are invited to prepare a paper on their area of interest to present to participants.



2016 Journal Launch

On Thursday, November 3rd, at the Palms Community Centre in Subiaco, two further Archives works were launched.  The first was the annual Studies Journal, the 23rd such issue and, at 130 pages, the most comprehensive edition Archives has so far produced. 


The second was Stefano Girola’s translation of Rosendo Salvado’s 1900 Report to Propaganda Fide, the sequel to the very popular 1883 report which was launched last year.  Although, at 106 pages, it is not as long as its predecessor, it nevertheless carries on the New Norcia story up until shortly before Salvado’s death in Rome in December 1900, and is still fascinating reading.

Ms Cathrin Cassarchis, the WA State Archivist, very graciously accepted Abbot John’s invitation to launch the Journal which was appropriately named Voices from the Archives.  The Archives Research and Publications Committee are particularly grateful to Cathrin for taking on the mammoth task of reading all nine papers and two obituaries, together with the 1900 Report.  As Fr John commented at the Launch, when Cathrin was initially invited to do the launch, no one suspected that the publications would be quite so voluminous!

The Archives and the Community are once again most grateful to Mayor Heather Henderson for her wonderful hospitality not only in providing the venue, but also the catering which was, as always, superb.

In a radical move for New Norcia Studies Journal, long versions of two of the articles are available below. "Shall we walk or ride" Fr David Barry "Rosendo Salvado -Composer and Pianist" Dom Robert Nixon.

 Here is the index of past and present journals available for purchase.

If you have any queries or require further information, please contact the Archivist on 08 9654 8018 or

College Magazines

College Magazines


The New Norcia Archives have digitised the College magazines for storage, research and retrieval purposes. If you attended one of the colleges and would like a souvenir of your time at New Norcia, or have a relative who did, the magazines are available in a searchable format on CD (one year per CD).

St Ildephonsus College magazines 1913 - 1963. Download order form here