New Norcia Benedictine Community

2014 Programme


Institute Retreats

As part of the regular Spirituality program of New Norcia, the Institute will offer five retreat weekends and one extented retreat/study in 2014.

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Reading/Study Weekends

The Institute will once again introduce a series of reading and study weekends in 2014. These reading weekends will aim to deepen participants’ awareness of the Benedictine Tradition and the possibilities it holds for enriching one’s faith and ministry. 

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Annual Institute/Theology Day

The Institute will present the usual Annual Institute Day

Saturday 23rd August

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Graduate Units

The New Norcia Institute for Benedictine Studies, in association with The United Faculty of Theology (, will participate in offering units towards a graduate award in Theology from the University of Divinity in Melbourne, Victorica. The Institute's “Wisdom Series” includes two units for 2014.

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Writers’ Workshop   

The next Writers' Workshop will be held in 2015. Watch this space for details


Sabbatical Opportunities

Opportunities for individual and/or group research or recuperative sabbaticals of varying length are available using the programs and facilities offered by the New Norcia Institute for Benedictine Studies and Holy Trinity Abbey.

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Saturday 25th  October           Presenting: Manuela Scheiba osb            Aspects of the Rule of Benedict


Sr Manuela Scheiba is a member of St Gertrud Monastery, Alexanderdorf, Germany. She teaches in the Monastic Studies program at Sant’Anselmo in Rome and lectures around the Benedictine World. She has published many articles on the Rule of Benedict.                                                            

Cost: $50                                                                                            

For further details and bookings please contact:                                           Carmel Posa sgs                                                                            

Phone: 96548371 Email:                                                                                   

TJURUNGA: An Australasian Benedictine Review

Tjurunga is a publication of the Benedictine Union of Australia and New Zealand.  Michael Casey ocso, describes the original focus of this periodical in his last editorial as follows:

Initially Tjurunga conceived itself to be a channel of ongoing education whereby readers could catch up with some of the recent studies concerning Benedictine history and spirituality and associated topics.  The phrase used was haute vulgarisation; the content would aim at a middle-brow audience among those attached to the Benedictine tradition, with a view to brining them up to speed on what was happening in the world of scholarship.  In addition, it was hoped that having a periodical of its own would give the Benedictine Union of Australia and New Zealand a greater sense of identity and common patrimony.

The first issue of Tjurunga came off the press in 1971 and its circulation has grown worldwide ever since. Recently Michael retired as editor after many years of faithful service to Tjurunga’s production. Carmel Posa sgs and Katharine Massam have now taken over this role as an obvious extension of the work of the New Norcia Institute for Benedictine Studies.

Tjurunga has a history that shows the riches of monastic tradition; it is itself testament to the monastic discipline of reading carefully and writing well, and to the generous sharing of ideas. The Institute commends the periodical to you and we hope that you can find much in its pages to prompt good conversation and the deepening of spirituality.

Annual Subscriptions: Australia: A$15 (+GST)  Overseas: A$30


Cheques to be made payable to Tjurunga

Payment by Mastercard and Visa is acceptable, please supply name, card number and expiry date together with authorised signature.

Subscriptions to: Tjurunga

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