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The New Norcia Education Centre was established in 1996 as the key to unlocking New Norcia's unique Monastic, European and Aboriginal heritage.  Today, the Education Centre offers a range of programmes for students and is the perfect destination for a school camp.   New Norcia captures the imagination and inspires those who visit to create, perform and enjoy.  It has a wide variety of performance and practice spaces as well as a swimming pool (in summer months), sporting courts and ovals.

Whether schools choose to follow their own programme, or to take part in Education Centre led activities;  everyone is offered opportunities to engage with the monks and the town of New Norcia.  Today over 5,000 primary & secondary students and staff from Catholic, independent and state schools come to New Norcia each year for their annual camps, retreats or to take part in an education programme.

Please click here to download the New Norcia Camps Brochure.

Some examples of programmes we offer are:

The June 2015 edition of the Education Centre newsletter

Our Education Manager would be delighted to assist you in creating a programme that suits your group’s particular interests and aims, contact the Manager on 08 9654 8018 or