New Norcia Benedictine Community

Restoring Our Heritage

The entire town of New Norcia is registered as part of the National Estate and 27 buildings are classified by the National Trust. Many of the buildings in New Norcia are approximately 100 years old and of course require attention and restoration over time.

As 2010 drew to a close, New Norcia was delighted to enter into a partnership with the National Trust to extend our options for tax deductible donations (DGR). The partnership will benefit New Norcia and our donors greatly by extending the range of projects for which donated funds can be used while providing tax deductibility for the donor.

Often we have donors who wish to support specific projects at New Norcia, yet they also need their donation to be tax deductible. Until now, New Norcia has had only two areas that attract tax deductible status – the museum and library/archives. Under the National Trust partnership examples of projects that will now have tax-deductible status include all works within the monastery that relate to conservation; works on historic buildings not open to the public, conservation and restoration work on collections items. At the moment New Norcia has building projects to the value of approximately $19 million, along with any number of projects relating to storage, restoration of furniture and equipment.

New Norcia is delighted to have the assistance of the National Trust in our fundraising efforts and people who would like to know more about making donations, or would like to become a sponsor, can contact the Friends Coordinator on  0896 548 018 or to discuss how to proceed.

mission_cottage_1_240                         mission_cottage_2_240

The Mission Cottage which was restored in 2008.