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New Norcia provides the context for a very special experience; retreats for students and staff alike. Year 12 retreats in particular form a rite of passage for many. Younger students, especially those preparing for Confirmation, have been similarly inspired by their retreat to New Norcia. Whatever the age, a retreat is an opportunity to reflect, prepare and discover

New Norcia's retreats are developed in conjunction with Year Coordinators and Religious Education teachers to maximise opportunities for students to experience the town culturally, historically, educationally and spiritually. We facilitate interaction with the monks, expose students to elements of monastic life and provide a breadth of memorable experiential opportunities.

Staff and Professional Developments

It is not only students who benefit from a retreat or day visit to New Norcia.

Our Education Centre Manager will develop a truly memorable and enriching Professional Development programme that draws upon the town’s rich Indigenous, European and Spiritual heritage.

Discover for yourself why hundreds of teachers from Independent, Catholic and State Schools have chosen to come to New Norcia to participate in a day or overnight experience.

For more information please contact the Education Centre Manager on 08 9654 8018 or groups@newnorcia.wa.edu.au