From the Director's Desk

The New Norcia Institute for Benedictine Studies seeks to broaden and deepen awareness of the monastic tradition within Christianity. Offering an environment conducive to prayer, study and reflection with excellence in teaching and research, the Institute aims to encourage participants at all stages of life to reflect on their journey of faith with the pastoral support of rich traditions in prayer, discernment and discipleship, whether as lay people, professed religious, academics, or in ordained ministry.

New Norcia Guesthouse Spirituality Retreats

In keeping with St Benedict’s rule of hospitality for guests, the Monastery Guesthouse welcomes all to a place of retreat for individuals and groups from all walks of life and beliefs seeking quietly to share the simple life, prayer and rhythms of the Benedictine monastic community of New Norcia.

Retreats begin with Vespers at 6.30pm Friday and conclude with lunch on Sunday.

Cost: $250 per person (for those who can afford it). Includes accommodation, meals and entry to the Museum and Art Gallery.

Institute Retreats

As part of the regular Spirituality programme of New Norcia, the Institute offers a number of weekend retreats. Recommended cost for retreats is $260.

Research and Sabbatical Opportunities

Opportunities for research or recuperative sabbaticals of varying length are available through the programmes and facilities offered by the New Norcia Institute for Benedictine Studies.

The Institute houses an excellent research library with resources for both monastic and theological study. Arrangements can be made for accommodation (either self-catering or fully serviced) and research facilities to be made available for both short and extended stays.

Reading / Study Weekends and Weeks

The study weekends aim to deepen participants’ awareness of the Benedictine Tradition and the possibilities it holds for enriching one’s faith and ministry. All texts for the study weekends are available at or through the Institute.