From the Director's Desk

The great 20th century theologian, Karl Rahner sj, once said that “the Christian of the 21st century will be a mystic or not a Christian at all”. This provocative pronouncement is not so unimaginable if one understands the abundance of opportunities given to us to experience the deep presence of God in our everyday life.

Mysticism involves our personal encounter with the living God and when we open our eyes and ears to the myriad of moments that God comes to us throughout a single day - the smile of a stranger, the touch of someone who cares, the joy felt in serving another, the sense of awe and wonder in liturgical and private prayer – all these little things that make life whole – this is when we experience a deep awareness of the mysterious presence of God in the ordinary events of our lives.

Much of what we are offering in this year’s programme for the New Norcia Institute for Benedictine Studies touches on the desire for, and experience of mystery in our lives today. May you find here something to lift your hearts and minds in hope that God is indeed infused in every facet of your life.

For more information, please see the events listed below or feel free to download a PDF copy of our 2017 Programme.