From the Director’s Desk

The human being can be accurately characterised as the ‘animal quaerens’- the being whose nature is to search. Within our Benedictine tradition, the search for God forms the ultimate raison d’etre of our human life, and our fundamental existential teleology. This search for God cannot be separated from the search for truth, for meaning, for beauty, for goodness- since in God, the Summum Bonum, all intellectual, aesthetic, moral and spiritual values ultimately converge. Thus the Rule of St. Benedict recognises that it is in the context of the temporal that the eternal is to be approached, and that it is through the human experience that the Divine is to be encountered.

The offerings of the New Norcia Institute of Benedictine Studies for 2018 present a diverse and challenging set of opportunities for advancing in this search for God. On the one hand, our retreats will focus deeply on methods of prayer, on the spiritual disciplines, on the cultivation of silence, and on the mystical tradition of Christianity. On the other hand, our various study weekends will encompass a range of fascinating topics, including history, literature, theology and art, all of which articulate with our Benedictine heritage.

The monastic Community of New Norcia cordially invites you to peruse the retreat and study opportunities contained in this brochure, and sincerely hopes that you will discover something of interest to you.

With all blessings.

Fr. Robert Nixon, osb

Please download the 2018 Programme. To register and pay for any of the retreats, study weekends or Benedictine Experience weekends please click link to go to the webshop. Please note there are two pages of weekends on the webshop.