From the Director's Desk

The central charism of Benedictine monasticism is the ‘search for God’. Within the context of monastic life, this search for God is multivalent and all-encompassing, embracing the disciplines of formal prayer and community life, as well as the mysteries of silence, solitude and contemplation. Yet this charism is not confined to professed monks only, but extends, in various ways, to all Christians- indeed, to all engaged in a ‘spiritual search’ of one kind or another. As the Gospel assures us, “They who seek, surely will find.” The programme of the NNIBS for 2019 offer an extremely interesting variety of retreats and study weekends. The focus of the retreats is primarily spiritual- the approach to God through prayer, silence and sharing. The focus of the study weekends is primarily educational and philosophical. Yet, both approaches substantially intersect and articulate- there is no spirituality without knowledge, and no knowledge without spirituality. To love God is to know God, and to know God is to love God. We hope that you will find something of interest to you here, and look forward to your visit to New Norcia in 2019.

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Robert Nixon, osb

Please download the 2019 programme. To register and pay for any of the retreats, study weekends or Benedictine Experience weekends please click link to go to the webshop. Please note there are two pages of weekends on the webshop.