Built in 1927 and nestled beneath gum trees on a rise overlooking the township, the Latin word Salve – Welcome – on the threshold tells you this is no ordinary country pub.

The New Norcia Hotel was originally a hostel for the parents of the boarders at the New Norcia colleges, but is now a practical expression of the Benedictine tradition of hospitality. Its grand neo-classical style will take your breath away as you approach the double front doors. It has fifteen comfortable rooms, a restaurant, huge verandahs, a bar and a deck for you to watch nature slip by as you sip on a glass of wine, beer or champagne from the popular New Norcia range. The menu is specially created by our head chef with various options available.

Licence Number: 6010011312
Hotel Liquor Licence

Monochorum Ltd
Lot 72 Great Northern Highway, New Norcia WA 6509