The establishment of the Aboriginal mission at New Norcia had a profound effect on the lives of the local Aboriginal people, the Yued people of the Noongar nation. This coincided with much upheaval for the Noongar people who bore the brunt of the early British colony in Western Australia.

We consider that Bishop Salvado was a friend of the Yued people. Bishop Salvado gained the trust of the Yued people who helped him and his fellow missionaries survive in the bush and to establish the mission at New Norcia.

Bishop Salvado had a deep interest and respect for Aboriginal people in which he recorded the local Noongar language, cultureand customs. Those records have provided important historical information about Noongar people, including being used to support the Noongar native title claim.

In the spirit of reconciliation, we look forward to participating in events commemorating Bishop Salvado’s life and his legacy.

Paul Willaway, Margaret Drayton and Mary Nannup - Executive Directors, New Norcia Aboriginal Corporation

Paul Willaway, Margaret Drayton and Mary Nannup -
Executive Directors, New Norcia Aboriginal Corporation

The New Norcia Aboriginal Corporation was initiated in the early 1990s by Ben Drayton RIP, Rose and Gabby Willaway RIP. It was a voluntary advisory group under the name Mourin Yuat. In 2004, after both Gabby and Ben passed away, the group decided to reform and became an incorporated group under the name Bwuradjin Yuat. In June 2009, the group changed the incorporated name to the New Norcia Aboriginal Corporation because the name Bwuradjen was too similar to the name of an Elder from the area.

The Objectives of the NNAC are to:

(a) Build and empower family support structures that provide effective outcomes for all family members

  • including strengthening leadership within families to overcome emotional
    and physical abuse;
    building safety structures within the family unit;
  • focusing on empowering descendants of ‘Stolen Generation’ family group.

(b) Strengthen ‘capacity building’ opportunities and option through joint servicing arrangements with other service agencies –

  • develop innovating options to allow Aboriginal people to participate fully within the community;
  • work with other Aboriginal Incorporations and the Benedictine Community of New Norcia to develop partnership arrangements to improve outcomes for the Aboriginal community;
  • introduce mentoring and coaching and other techniques that support individual Cultural Leadership and character building.