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New Norcia Benedictine Community
New Norcia Road
New Norcia WA 6509

Getting There

Museum & Art Gallery

T: +61 8 9654 8056

Group Accommodation & Education Centre

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Media & Communications

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Visit New Norcia

People visit New Norcia for many reasons; for spiritual retreat, to join a tour and see inside the magnificent buildings or sometimes just to walk around the town and enjoy the peace and beautiful scenery.

In this section you will find all the information you need for your visit to New Norcia. Details of places to eat and places to stay, details of the town tours and information about some of our favourite things to do in Australia’s only monastic town.

We recommend your first port of call is the Museum & Art Gallery to speak to one of the staff about all the attractions and experiences New Norcia has to offer. The Museum & Art Gallery is also a Visitor Information Centre and is the point from which the town tours leave.

Stay at New Norcia

There are so many different options for accommodation at New Norcia.

The Hotel, with its comfortable simple rooms, home cooked meals and neo-classical architecture is a perfect place for couple and families, its scenic deck and heritage veranda a perfect place to while away sunset with a New Norcia Abbey ale or a wine from the Abbey range. The Guesthouse is perfect for a quiet, retreat like experience, a world away from the rigours of modern life. You can join a Benedictine retreat here or be housed in the Hermitage for a silent retreat. Groups of 15 -100 can be accommodated in the Old Convent and the historic boarding school colleges.

Please click on the individual areas for more information.

Eat & Drink

Hospitality is a tenet of the Rule of St Benedict, the Rule by which the monks of New Norcia live, so wherever you choose to eat in town, our aim is for you to experience warm monastic hospitality.

Education & Research

From the earliest days of its foundation New Norcia has been focussed on education. The first Abbot, of New Norcia (Rosendo Salvado) established the Aboriginal girls and boys schools and the second Abbot of New Norcia, Fulgentius Torres built and opened the European girls and boys schools, which closed in 1991.

Since the closing of the schools, New Norcia's school buildings have been utilised for camps and groups and this section contains all the information you need if your group is interested in staying in one of the colleges or undertaking one of the education programmes.

However, New Norcia also has a tradition of research and academia, with its impressive archival records and library collection, and scholars and researchers alike have delighted over the years in the information available in the town's records.

This section also provides information on the archives and library and provides link to forms which will give you access to the records of New Norcia.

Protecting a Unique Heritage

New Norcia is Australia’s only monastic town and has a unique heritage. Founded in 1847 by Spanish Benedictine Monks, the town has had many purposes; a mission, a monastery, a provider of education and now as a place of spiritual retreat.

Delve into the town's unique history, discover the ongoing and completed work necessary for the upkeep and restoration of this special part of Australia.

But it is not only the majestic buildings set amongst the Australian bush that sets New Norcia apart; its history is also encapsulated in the archival records of New Norcia and in the library and museum collections.

In this section we also have information about how you can donate to New Norcia to help the Community restore and maintain this treasure.

What's Happening at New Norcia

We hold a diverse array of events throughout the year at New Norcia.

In 2019 we will be hosting a full programme of retreats, a Writers and Arts Festival and the education programme presented by the Institute for Benedictine Studies, plus the Studies Journal Launch in November and a few other surprises!

So watch this space for all the updated information about "What's on at New Norcia".

  • Dec 29 2018

    Church Service

    26th Annual Ecumenical Ceremony with Carols

    The carol service will feature The Georgian Singers. Afternoon tea at 4pm in the Monastery Parlour. During the ceremony there will be a collection to defray expenses and support a charity.

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  • Dec 25 2018
  • Dec 24 2018
  • Nov 8 2018

    Archives Event

    New Norcia Studies Launch 2018

    The 25th edition of New Norcia Studies will be launched at the Palms Community Centre, cnr Rokeby and Nicholson Roads, Subiaco, on Thursday November 8th at 6pm. Joan Oakland, the editor of this and many previous issues, has very kindly accepted our invitation to launch the Journal. As usual, it will be an evening of excellent wine, very good food and wonderful ensemble music from our good friends, Très Classique. The City of Subiaco are once again very generously hosting this event for which there is no charge.

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  • Nov 2 2018
    Nov 4 2018


    Praying with the Writings of St Paul.

    Led by Dom Paul Forster. The writings of St. Paul form, in volume, the largest portion of the New Testament, and are a foundational expression of the emerging beliefs and practices of the Church in apostolic times.

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  • Oct 27 2018
  • Oct 12 2018
    Oct 14 2018


    Encountering Jesus

    Led by Fr Anscar McPhee. The encounter with Jesus is at the heart of Christian life and mysticism.

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  • Sep 7 2018
    Sep 9 2018

    Study Weekend

    Religious Art and Revelation.

    Led by Dr Angela McCarthy. God is revealed to humankind over history and through culture. Christianity and Western Culture are intertwined in the way we understand God.

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  • Aug 25 2018

    Benedictine Institute

    Annual Institute Day

    Keynote Speaker is Prof. Paul Tyson a leading Australian philosopher. Additional speakers will be listed later in the year.

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  • Aug 11 2018
    New Norcia Writers' Festival 2018

    Town Event

    New Norcia Writers' Festival 2018

    Now in its fourth year, the New Norcia Writers Festival offers a varied mix of writers, artists and performers in sessions which take advantage of the unique Wheatbelt monastery town’s rich history and beautiful architecture. This year’s guests include authors Anthea Hodgson, David Whish-Wilson, Susan Midalia, Michelle Johnston and Laurie Steed; poet Rose van Son; artist Jeremy Kirwan-Ward; and soprano Katja Webb and pianist Chris Milbourn.

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